Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A pepper dare and Chinese coincidence

SAN DIEGO — Oh my goodness! I thought I would get over my tears on P-days, but I have a feeling I am going to be crying every P-day for the rest of my mission! It's not a bad cry of course, it is just that I love you so much, my eyes start leaking! I got a lot of e-mails from you, thank you so much for letting me know how you all are doing! The mail doesn't come until later today, so I will have to reply to those next week.

I have a few fun stories from this week:

District meeting was this week. We went to lunch, since it is one of the last weeks of the transfer. The elders were daring each other to eat these fried white peppers. They are called "white guy peppers" I forgot how you say it in Spanish. The first part of the pepper is hot, but the second half with all the seeds is definitely way hotter. The natives don't even eat the second half of the pepper. Anyway, they dared Sister Nelson and I to eat the half with the seeds. I bet you can guess what happened: you know me and being dared to do anything: I still have too much pride.

I looked at all of them, grabbed the pepper and stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. It was the funniest sight watching four Elders and Sister Nelson with their jaws dropped completely to the floor. It was the hottest thing I have ever eaten in my life! One more thing to add onto my list of crazy things I have eaten I guess!

Thomas is still in the hospital, but doing better. Hopefully he will be out in the next few weeks.
Michael is the investigator who we have been trying to get him to finish writing a letter to the First Presidency so he can get baptized. He handed me the letter on Sunday. Hallelujah! Hopefully he will get to be baptized in the next few weeks!

We are teaching a new guy named Archie: His mom and sister are baptized and we just taught him the Restoration. Keep him in your prayers, He has definitely been prepared by Heavenly Father to hear the Gospel.

I want to share with you a journal entry from yesterday. We had the tour uploaded in Chinese yesterday, and Heavenly Father really taught me how much he prepares his children and how much he loves them:

September 19th, 2011
Sister Nelson and I worked at the Mormon Battalion this morning. At noon, they had to shut it down for a few hours to load the new Chinese tour. Just as our shift was getting over, Sister Nelson and I were walking from gold panning to the front and a young Chinese couple walked up.

Sister Kennington and Kearsley were just four minutes away from doing the first practice run of the Chinese tour. Coincidence? Definitely not. The sisters told us how strong the Spirit was in the tour and both of the Chinese visitors asked to learn more. What a testimony of missionary work this is. Heavenly Father is fulfilling His promise that he will bring forth his Gospel to all nations.

There might not be missionaries in China, but the Chinese people most definitely are getting to hear the Gospel through other means. God does have a hand in our lives, He does care, and He has prepared a way for all of us to hear His message.

I want you to know how true that is. He loves you! He cares about you! God does have a hand in your life. It is your choice whether or not to notice it.

John 3:16 "God so loved the world that he gave his only Begotten son...." He loves you that much. Don't ever forget it!

Let me answer some questions from last week and from your emails today:

Juli: Thank you for your letter last week! They are definitely not too long! I was reading it in the car to my roommate, and I could not stop laughing! Annalie and Brooklyn are hilarious! And your doodles most definitely were not "girly crap" as Nick would call them.

Thank you for loving me and writing me Juli, it means the world to me! I hope you are doing well with the girlies. I will be praying for you! You are such a great mom, really you are amazing. You can do hard things! Have you seen the Emma Story movie? If you haven't, when you get to Utah, have mom get it out of my closet and you and her should watch it. I watched a clip about Emma the other day and I thought of you and Mom. You both are Elect Ladies. Isn't it so neat that Heavenly Father trusted you to raise his little Annalie and Brooklyn? You are doing a great job at it!

Nick: Thank you so much for that letter you sent last week. I am halfway done writing you back, so I promise a letter will be coming shortly. I would LOVE to read your articles. The only thing is, you and dad have sent me links to them, I cant go on the internet to read them, so you would have to print anything like that off. Don't worry if it is too much of a hassle. But anything you would like to send, articles, talks, are all most definitely welcome!

Ha Ha, I laughed when you said you and Juli are working on wedding photography ideas for for me- how about I just make my future hubby come to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site and we can have a pioneer wedding?!?

I think you asked me about music. I would LOVE anything you send me! We can listen to anything that focuses our mind on Jesus Christ and keeps the Spirit. So anything is great. THANK YOU! I haven't thought of my top ten hymns yet. I will write you those next week.

You had clinical today right? Oh my goodness, how did it go? Were you on Labor and Delivery? What is the girl professor you were talking about like? Do you get to do pediatrics? What kind of stuff do you practice? I forgot to ask, will you keep your handouts, especially the calculating ones, so I can have a review when I get back? And what is this about a Snuggie? SEND ME PICTURES of that please! My imagination is running wild thinking of you wearing a tye dye snuggie!!! Too Funny!

To answer Erianne's question: my advice, use as many outfits as she already has. She is going to get SO SICK of her clothes. Then when she gets back, she can get brand new things! Ten outfits is probably good. I have four pairs of shoes. Two brown, two black. There will be shopping where she is going, so if she needs more she can always get it there:)

Mom- Thank you for sending me a package! If you haven't sent it already, I would LOVE Instant Breakfast! I miss that stuff SO much! Granola bars are also my FAVORITE! I can't think of anything else I need, But I will let you know. You are the best!

Dad: The GPS is awesome, in fact it is a definite lifesaver so thank you so much! I get done being a trainee next week. Can you believe I will be on my third transfer?!? CRAZY!!!!

Oh Dad, you know singles wards. Of course there is most definitely a handful of guys who flirt with the sisters. (Not as bad as my Russian buddies though, so no worries:) I haven't gotten the mail yet, but I'm sure the spreadsheets are there. THANK YOU so much for helping me and supporting me so much. I can actually make copies from the Battalion, so no worries- THANK YOU!

I heard about the BYU-UTAH game: All I can say is I am so glad I am in California right now! What a BUMMER! It is weird to think it is Fall in Utah- Still the same old 70-80 degree weather here. I forget that time is passing, because nothing changes here.

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