Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I won't forget"

SAN DIEGO — Man! How did I get so lucky to have you? All the missionaries here are going to think something is wrong with me because every time I start reading your e-mails, I can't stop crying! I love you more than you know! I have been really behind on the news of everything at home since I missed hearing from you last week because of zone conference.

Shout Outs

Nick: BROTHER, I wish I was allowed to jump up and down and shout out loud right now, (one bummer deal about being a missionary;-) I am so excited for you to have gotten a job! You are so amazing at what you do. My companions' jaws always drop when I show them pictures of my blog. You are a stud — that is all I have to say. I hope the girlies are doing well, I'm sorry for Juli's family that you have to move, but YAY for Grandma Angel and Grandpa Dirt!

Juli: Happy Birthday soon! My card to you will be late, bad timing on my part, but I want you to know I love ya and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER! I hear you are moving to UTAH! So excited! I just love ya so much, I wish I could give you a hug right now!

Gina: I hope you read this, I am SOOOOOO sorry I didn't write you the last few months on your mission! I lost your address and by the time I got it again, I was at the MTC and forgot when you would be coming home! I just want you to know I love you girl. You have been such a good example to me, especially by serving a mission. I still think its too bad that we couldn't serve in Africa together like we planned, but Brazil and California definitely just as good!:) Sara says you have an awesome accent and my family loved seeing you! I just love ya so much! If you get a chance, let me know how you are doing!:)

Grandma Newman: THANK YOU SO MUCH for writing me! I was so excited to get your letter! I am so glad things are going well and you had a wonderful birthday. You have no idea how much that letter meant to me. I love you and grandpa so so so so much!

Sara: Oh my goodness! I cried so bad when I read your email (A good cry, I promise). I just love you so stinkin' much! I am so glad we got to have a sister hug a few weeks ago. Don't forget how much I love you! Girl, I miss how much you light up the room, how you lift everyone's spirits, how just who you are makes people happy. I am so glad I have had you as that example, when the times here get hard, especially with companions (you know being with another sister for 24/7 is not a piece of cake to say the least, even though I do love them!).

It is so true what they say this is going to help me so much for when I get married — Phew! I think I will be able to handle any guy that comes my way after this! :) Thank you for the pictures, for the update on your trip and for everything! I am so glad you are doing well!

Dad: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! I did an "uh-oh" and forgot to write your card last week, so I had to wait until today, so it will be late. Just know that it is coming, that I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

THANK you for the update on BYU! Holy Smokes- BYU vs Ole Miss! I can't believe I am missing the first year they are independent! Awe, good memories of our BYU games together. Mom wrote me a play by play of the other game, she said it was a last minute win by BYU, sounds like there was lots of screaming! I bet you didn't miss me walking in front of the TV during the plays though!:)

That is one important lesson I learned from you and Nick- To make a man happy, DO NOT walk in front of the television while any sort of game involving competition and a ball is in play;-)

(Yep. Pretty sure Britt woulda been killed getting in front of this play)

Oh pops! I love ya! I wear the blue Finland and Russia shirt for exercise in the mornings- It helps me start the day with the good memories I had with you! I met a guy from the UK at the Battalion the other day and he asked me about my travels. We talked about the Hans Christian Anderson Mermaid statue in Copenhagen —Awww, Little MERMAID! Wasn't that a good trip?! Thank you for those memories!

Mom: So good to hear that things are going well for you at school! My jaw dropped open when Dad told me you do your own fliers and power points- YOU ARE THE WOMAN! So proud of you mamacita!


I was just talking to Sister Nelson about how my favorite memories of summer are when we used to pick and can the peaches — oh man, my stomach is rumbling just thinking about warm peaches with sugar on them! I hope you ate an extra one just for me! I would love to see a picture of your class! I will have to send some fun pictures of "all around San Diego" for them.

There is a lot of cool stuff I am sure they would love to see! So a family moved in across the street? H0w fun! You are so awesome mom! I want to be like you when I grow up — I bet Cooper has a blast with you! I can't believe Michael Huff is going on a mission and Nate Ballash off to college! When did this happen?!? Time goes by WAY Too fast!

Oh and I have to tell you that Sister Haggerty told me this morning that you called her mom, she told me that you called at the exact time her mom needed it, she was frustrated, and questioning her faith, and honestly not knowing what to do. She said you called her mom at that exact moment and made the world of difference. I just wanted you to know that you were her angel that day. God uses all of us to watch out for his children. Thanks for listening to the Spirit, for being such an angel in her life and in the lives of all of us. You are the greatest!

Natassja: When in the world did I get so lucky to have such an amazing roomie?!? I LOVED the package! Thank you for the letter, for the essay you wrote about London, the bow, the pencil and the London button! I smiled for the rest of the day! I have so much to write you- a letter is coming soon I PROMISE! I saw Devin and Ken at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site! Small world huh? I guess school is starting?! You will have to tell me how it is going? How are the girls? How is the new ward? I just love ya!

Westridge Ladies: My dad sent the picture of you at work with all the boxes! Thank you so much, I loved it! I thought I would lose my "buff arms" not lifting all those boxes, but with not eating Oreos any more, and having to work out 30 minutes everyday, you would be proud of my wimpy arms! You can almost see some muscle there now! I love you all, hope you are doing well and have lots of good stories waiting for me when I get back!:)


I have a few more minutes to update you on what has been going on here in San Diego. Dad asked me about the Bug boys (they are the ones who were friends to Michael and Robert). They went back to school, but both Michael and Robert are still in our ward and are going to be baptized at the end of the month! They are so awesome and I am so excited for them to have the Gospel!

Being in a singles ward is much different than the family ward I was in last transfer. After Church, Sister Nelson is always saying in the car, "Sister Newman, why do I love men so much?!"

I just laugh at her, it is so funny! She has a really hard time being in the singles ward, because she loves to flirt. Luckily for me, flirting is not something I like nor am good at so I do just fine :)

It is easy to focus on the Lord's work here, so I am loving the singles ward! Dad asked if anyone has fallen in love with me yet. HA HA pops, you are too funny! It actually is though a little tricky being a sister missionary especially because they are pushing for us to look so trendy with makeup and everything. One of our investigators asked me if he was allowed to tell me I looked beautiful. He was so sincere and didn't mean anything by it, but it gave me a chuckle.

I don't have much time since I have had to catch up for two weeks, but I want to share with you a part of my journal about Thomas. He is an investigator that we have been teaching for quite a while. He has a few mental problems, but is very intelligent and sincere. He is in the hospital right now so we went to visit him on Sunday.

September 4, 2011

I never knew when I was doing my psychiatric rotation in the nursing school that a few months in the future I would be back, not as a nursing student, but as a servant of the Lord.

We found out that Thomas was in the hospital, so we went to visit him today. I will never forget walking down the hall to where he was waiting for us. He stood in the middle of the dark, gloomy visiting area. It was supposed to be set up like a park with a picnic table, but it was walled in and lights were out and cigarette butts littered the floor.

He looked at us with his eyes wide and really scared-looking. It was a flashback to some of the patients I took care of in school, who were lost and not knowing what to do. We read him the scriptures, sang him songs and before we left, we prayed with him. Afterwards he looked up at me with the most searching eyes I have ever seen — he wouldn't let go of my gaze.

With words not of my own making, I told him that I was sent by God to tell him that God loves him, that He is aware of him and that his hurt and confusion would be but a small moment. I looked back into those piercing eyes and told him that no matter what, don't ever forget that God loves you.

He looked back at me and all he could manage to say was, "I won't forget, I won't forget, I won't forget, I will never forget."

This grown man broke down and started sobbing. Right then, Sister Nelson and I threw the rule book out the window and held his hand. I have no idea what Thomas is going through, but at that moment, watching him sob and telling me that "I will never ever forget," I knew without a doubt that Jesus Christ knows exactly how he is feeling, and would be there by his side.

I just want you to know that I have such a testimony that God loves and Cares about us. He is there He is mindful of us. I love you so much and challenge you this week to "never forget" how much He loves you.

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