Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strangers and pictures

On August 4, Brittany's dad got an e-mail from a lady named Jill Cheshire, who wrote an e-mail called, "Missionary pictures". She wrote:

I took my kids to the Mormon Battalion visitor center and we were thrilled to be assigned to your daughter’s tour group! She is so sweet and did such a good job. Honestly, I would have thought that she was the senior companion and had been doing these tours for months… She is such a good girl and she is doing an awesome job as a missionary! Sorry that these pictures are not the best, but it is always good to see the ones that you love even in blurry pictures. :)

The photos are below. I would like to comment on how interesting this is that Dad got an e-mail like this. He's usually the one who, if he happens to run into missionaries ANYWHERE on vacation or business trips, asks for the missionary's mother's e-mail or phone number, and calls the parents up to "report" on how the missionary is doing, which usually calms a worrying mom's fears. And now, finally, the service was returned.

Enjoy the photos below. They're the first ones of Brittany at the Battalion in her full gear.

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