Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Miracles happen every day

SAN DIEGO — Today, I have A LOT of miracle stories to tell you. I think Heavenly Father has been testing our faith, seeing what we are made of. Three weeks with no one to teach can be a downer, but we have been working our very hardest and very smartest to move the work forward. 

Heavenly Father showed us this week how important diligence is. Diligence is continuing to work hard, even when you’re tired and to work with a hope in Jesus Christ. Let me tell you, we have been so tired!!!! But God moves His work at His timing. Let me give you an idea of what happened this week. Here are some of my journal entries:

Saturday July 28th

"We tried to contact a former member today. She set an appointment with us last week, and we were full of hope that she would “come through". It's amazing to see God’s hand in everything. Here in San Diego, everything is gated. If there is a gift Heavenly Father has given me as a missionary, it is that gates mean absolutely nothing to missionaries. We can always find a way to get the lock open, whether it be that we pray real hard that someone drives out, or we talk a nice resident into opening it for us. The same thing happened today. Just as we walked up, a truck drove out and we were able to stroll right inside the gates.

It is a run-down community that we were in as we walked past some little kids playing ball in the street, giving them all high fives; it is so neat to see how that simple act brightens a child’s day. We knocked on the door and her mother told us to go away and come back later. This was one of Sister Miller’s first experiences with rejection, but she handled it like a champ. We decided to walk around the complex since we were here in the first place.

We knocked on another door and a big gruff bald man answered the door, with a resulting slam of the door in our face. Still, we kept walking. It was so neat to watch Sister Miller listen to the Spirit. We walked past a door and I saw her look at it, so we walked up and  we were able to talk to a man, which happens to be going to nursing school. He set up an appointment, and is going to meet us at the church this week.”

August 4th, 2012 
The Taylors' Baptism

"Sherrie and Amber Taylor got baptized today! They are the mother and daughter that Sister Tanner and I were teaching in El Cajon. It was kind of surreal seeing them dressed in white. The program was beautiful. Sister Tanner gave a talk on baptism; it was so simple and so pure. She laid out the promises we make with God and the promises He makes with us: pure doctrine. The Spirit was so strong. 

Sister Riggs sang a beautiful EFY song called, "Live Like You Believe."  The Spirit hit my heart with full force. Sister Miller, just the night previous, had been discussing how urgent the work is. She was feeling down, because she felt that she didn’t understand the urgency of the work like she felt I did. As Sister Taylor came up out of the water, Sister Miller looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I think I understand the urgency now". I wrapped my arms around her and knew exactly how she felt. This work is so important! The sisters played Reflections of Christ as the Taylors were getting dressed. I watched pictures of Jesus healing, helping, serving, and blessing. My spirit was touched with a remembrance of Him, of heaven. I know this work is real, how great Heaven will be to see all of our brothers and sisters who have accepted and are living the gospel of Jesus Christ..."

Monday August 6th 
Faith to Move mountains

"I’ve been trying not to get down with all that is happening lately. When I say all that is happening, I really mean all that has NOT been happening! I know that it all depends on the little things, so Sister Miller and I have been working on that nonstop — organizing the area book, getting members to every investigator, less active and recent convert lesson, asking everyone for referrals, making visions, plans and goals, loving, serving, and lifting. 

Today, I woke up thinking to myself, 'we just have to keep doing the little things, it will all work out, it always does'. Today that thought proved to be true. I think Heavenly Father has been testing our faith and patience, but WOW, the blessings have been poured out in buckets in just a few short hours!

1. We went to contact a referral and I got lost (of course). Because of that, we met a young single adult named Ryan who was walking to the bus stop. We talked to him about the Gospel, about the Restoration, and he agreed to meet with us!

2. A referral, Aaron, that we got from the Elders, wasn’t home. But we were able to meet his neighbor and sister’s babysitter who is a Jehovah's Witness, but surprisingly loves Mormons and has talked to missionaries before. Hopefully we will be able to work with her.

3. We stopped by a former member, Casey, who our ward mission leader asked us to visit. He agreed to meet with us this week!

4. Stopped by another former member, Ben. We set up a time to do service and he agreed to meet with us too!

5. Ended the day with a phone call from a girl named April, who the sisters gave a Book of Mormon to along time ago. She was going to a different church but didn’t feel right about it, so she started reading the Book of Mormon. She called us and told us she wants to be Mormon, and wanted us to meet her at the church on Sunday so she could go.

Miracles? I think SO! God works in his time, in his way, and by his means. I love being an instrument in his hands...


Just this morning as I was doing my laundry, I talked with a man named Robert. He had a friend who gave him a Book of Mormon, but he passed away. Robert has never read the Book of Mormon, but we were able to talk about it. I taught him the Restoration, and in the middle of the laundromat we taught him the First Vision. The Spirit was strong despite the noise, and the Elders that were in the area he was living just happened to be doing laundry at the same laundromat. We set up an appointment and he wants to learn more.

Can you believe the miracles that happen everyday? I realize that we many times fall into the trap that the people in the Book of Mormon did, by not noticing the little things that happen. When we stop being grateful, when we stop noticing the miracles, we open our hearts to Satan. 

Live the Gospel. Let it become who you are and be grateful for the miracles that come your way. They will come, I promise.

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  1. I love to hear miracle stories from missionaries. Brings back memories! ;) Thank you for your service and dedication and faith.