Tuesday, August 28, 2012


SAN DIEGO — This week has opened my eyes to how important it is that we follow the Spirit with all of the little promptings he gives us. 

I have had so many times in my life when I have had a thought or a feeling to do something, but just pushed that feeling aside. I realize now, that no matter what, any thought or feeling we have, just do it! As long as we are being good girls and boys, those thoughts are from heaven. Heavenly Father truly does inspire us to be at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. 

Dad mentioned how hard it is in the world, that anything religion is taboo in the workplace in school, everywhere. Isn’t it interesting how our lives can compare to the people in the Book of Mormon? No wonder we are asked to read, understand and apply its teachings!

Yesterday, Sister Miller and I made our plans for the day. We got halfway through the night and one of our appointments cancelled. During our previous nightly planning, we decided to visit a former [investigator] named Sergio. We have had him in our backup plans for quite a while, and yesterday Sister Miller found a little piece of paper behind the couch with his name on it, from the other sisters who left, so we decided we better go see him. 

We knocked on the door and a Young Single Adult man answered — We thought it was Sergio, but it wasn’t. His name was Xavier. We started talking with him and he expressed that he grew up Christian all his life, and was now trying to look at other religions. He got all excited and couldn’t stop smiling after we set up a return appointment with him. We asked him what he was smiling about and he said, "You two have perfect timing! I was thinking about you Mormons all week. In fact I just saw two of you walking past this morning, I was going to yell for them to come up but I didn’t, and now you two are here!"   

What an incredible example that is to me at being at the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

I think sometimes we feel we have to teach as full time missionaries, or sometimes we are afraid of talking if other people ask questions we may not be able to answer. I am not the one to give advice, I have so much to work on myself, but I do gather my inspiration from a prophet in the Book of Mormon.

(Editor's note: the following part of Sister Newman's letter comes from Alma chapters 17-27)

Picture in your mind Ammon. The Book of Mormon doesn’t give insight to his thoughts or feelings as he starts heading into enemy territory to preach the gospel. I am willing to bet, his heart must have been thumping, he must have felt some anxiousness as he was captured by the Lamanites.
"And Ammon went to the land of Ishmael.... and as he entered the land, the Lamanites took him and bound him...."   

Aren't we walking around in enemy territory all day? Just like dad said, the places we work, teach, and study are sometimes places where even the talk of religion seems like "poison" to people. I know that feeling of not knowing what to do, what to say. I know what it is like to be scared. But look at what Ammon does: He doesn’t say anything really. He just asks Lamoni if he can be his servant. 

"And Ammon said, nay, but I will be they servant 

Isn’t that what we can do? Could you take a cart to the front of the store for a mom? Could you smile or encourage the lady at the grocery store? Could you not participate in a conversation that isn’t appropriate for disciples of Christ at school or the work place or even the home?

People aren’t inspired by what we say, they are inspired by what we do and by who we are.

Later in his ministry, Ammon does something really important:  
"And they went withersoever they were led by the Spirit of the Lord..." 
Just like what happened to me this week, you can be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Here is the thing, though: are you listening? I remember so many times that I had a thought, or an urge to do or say something, and I didn’t. I hope that you do better than me. Don’t question anything that comes to your mind — just do it! As long as you are keeping the commandments, it doesn’t matter where the thoughts are coming from, they will be from God :)

I just love you all. I know this world is getting tough, but we can do it! If you don’t know what or how you can shine your light, ask Heavenly Father! He will guide you as long as you are willing to move your feet and open your mouth.

P.S- Casey and Ryan are doing SO GREAT! They are getting baptized Sept 8th and Sept 29th. Yahooooo!

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