Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You are special

SAN DIEGO — Can I tell you all that I LOVE YOU? Seriously, families are the best! We are all so different, yet we come together and help each other, and love each other, and are patient with each other, and no matter what we do, we still are together forever!

One of the lessons I learned this week is that being unique is a beautiful thing. Families are a beautiful thing.

Let me explain: On Saturday, we had Casey's baptism. Those are always a little stressful as missionaries, especially because it was my first one in a new ward and Sister Miller's first one, period.

Things were a little bumpy to get started. One of the sisters that was giving a talk went MIA two minutes before the baptism was supposed to start, leaving Sister Miller and I frantically running around the church trying to find her. Then our musical numbers got mixed up, and one of the sisters did both of them instead of Casey’s fellowshipper, who had prepared a piano piece.

Then, after Casey was baptized and we were doing the intermediate part, the person who baptized him was trying to unplug the font making all sorts of noise as we were trying to testify of Jesus Christ. To top that off, as Casey was sharing his testimony, we heard this splashing noise, we turned around thinking someone had a drink they spilled, to look in horror: a little girl peed her pants.

Surprisingly, I sat there with a complete calm (those that know me, you know that is definitely something that would raise my blood pressure a notch or two!). I asked Heavenly Father to help me see what He was seeing as He watched Casey’s baptism. I looked around the room and saw God's sons and daughters, all sorts of different — different cultures, backgrounds, hobbies, hairstyles, ideas, goals and dreams — all gathered to be there for Casey as he was baptized.

My mind flashed back to him going under the water and my heart was filled with love and joy, only I know that the love and joy I felt is only a glimpse of the love and joy that Heavenly Father was feeling for Casey at that moment. We sat there as a family, pulled together to help Casey feel loved.

Family truly is a beautiful thing.

The other day we had a training meeting and they read us the book, "You Are Special". That is a simple, yet powerful truth from heaven.

I hope you take time after reading this to think about yourself. You are unique. The Master created you. What brings true happiness is going to Him for happiness, for acceptance, and for love.

"The worth of souls is great in the sight of God"

I want to testify to all those that read this blog: the family is ordained of God. There is power that comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It not only strengthens individuals, but also families as we all strive to develop stronger relationships here and in the eternities.

God, who is our loving Father sent us here in families. I was just taught this week in a small room, in a church in El Cajon that no matter who we are, no matter what background we come from, God loves us and He has sent us here to help each other succeed. Don't let anyone or anything diminish who you are. You are children of God. You are creations of a King. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Let's pull together no matter who we are, No matter what culture, religion, race, ethnicity, backgrounds beliefs. 

We are all God's children. 

And He wants us back.

Being unique is a beautiful thing. Families are a beautiful thing. I know it.

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