Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Different than any other book"

SAN DIEGO — I have a few things I want to share with you that happened this week. 

First was on Sunday, we had a mission president's fireside. Every other month, President Clayton has a fireside where recent converts share their testimonies. Musical numbers, Mormon Message videos are played and then president gives a short talk. I was truly touched. 

One recent convert, Satera from Iran, got up and shared her story. She went to the Mormon Battalion and was given a Book of Mormon, which she put on her shelf. A while later, she was looking for a book, and the Book of Mormon stood out to her on her shelf. She started opening it, and in her own words in broken English she said, 

"The Book of Mormon has something special. I felt a power when I read it. It is different than any other book". 

My heart pounded in my chest as the Holy Ghost reaffirmed my testimony of the Book of Mormon. Just by reading the words from its pages, Satara requested to learn from the missionaries, and was baptized. I have witnessed time after time, the power of the Book of Mormon testifying of the truth of the Restored Gospel. It is so true!

That night, there was also a musical number that was sung by our assistant, Elder Call. I wish you could meet our last three assistants. They are so different than what we have had in the past. I think if you knew of their character, you would understand how powerful it was to watch a humble, powerful, kind servant of the Lord get up and bear his testimony through his talent of music. He sang an EFY song, "One Voice". I can’t remember exactly how the words go, but just imagine one Elder standing up, with the choir seats full of missionaries and our mission president behind him as he sang these words.

"I am just one voice, but one voice can still be heard,
I have made the choice, to seal my witness with his word,
I've been changed by holy fire, that has burned into my soul....

.... One but not alone, a thousand voices sing
Praises to the Lord, to our master and our king
With one voice, one voice."

I wish the angels of heaven could have been his back up singers, even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would do!:) Those are the precious moments when I remember who I am and what I am doing as a servant of God. I have just one voice, but with God's help, my voice will be heard. You have only one voice, but you too can seal your own witness with God's word.

We were able to seal our witness of God's word yesterday. Miracles happened. It was so great because last week was the worst week I have ever had on my mission in regards to teaching lessons. We had every slot filled with scheduled appointments, and every single one fell through. That is what happens when miracles are close. Yesterday, we added four new investigators, and have two little 9-year-old girls with a baptismal date! The Taylors are so excited to be baptized on the 28th, and we are trying to get Sean to meet with us so he will be ready to be baptized too. When I started working in Avocado, I knew it would be hard work, I just never knew Heavenly Father would allow us to see the fruits of our labors so quickly!

I just want you all to know I love you. I have confidence in you. We all can continue to change and become better. There is no need to be hard on ourselves. God expects persistence, not perfection.

Keep sharing your light!

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