Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let your light shine and never give up

SAN DIEGO —Holy Moly, I had so many things to write to president, and I needed to send an email off to my amazing sis, so sorry if this is a little short this week. I want to tell you about the lessons I learned this week.

Lesson 1: Let your Light So Shine
I had an amazing experience this week. There was a message for me at the Battalion that a Rudy and Sylvia Vega wanted Sister Newman to attend their baptism on Saturday. I racked my mind trying to think of who in the world were Rudy and Sylvia? I soon found out that in November, they felt a pull to ride their motorcycles through "the big castle" so they could look at it. Rudy and Sylvia talked with me (though, it is hard for me to remember the details as I talk to hundreds of people at the temple) and though Rudy never gives out his name or number, he decided to this time though.

As I walked into the church that Saturday morning, the first few words he said to me hit me hard. He looked at me, and pointed to me face: "She's the one, I'll never forget that smile!"

I'm not saying this to say anything about myself. There are 20 other sisters here that would have done the same thing. What hit me so hard was that a mere smile truly did bring two of God's children into His fold.

I talk to hundreds of people each week. So do you.

I have no idea the impact I make on them. Neither do you.

But I promise you, whether in this life or in the next, there will be many people who throw their arms around you and thank you for the difference you made in their lives by letting your light so shine.

Lesson 2: Never Give up.

I have written about Cory Woodson before, but not for a long time. He is another marine and Sister Nelson and I taught him. He had a baptism date, but a few days before he backed out and stopped talking to us. Since November, Sister Kennington and I have continued to text and invite him without any luck. Last week, he showed up randomly to FHE, and this Sunday to church.

I felt the strongest feeling that we needed to meet with him, so we did last-minute splits, so Sister Kennington could take our lesson we had planned and I could meet with Cory. After talking with him about his concerns and his thoughts, I asked him if he believed The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be Jesus Christ's true, restored church. He paused, and said something very profound. He said, "All the other churches I "think are right", but the Mormon church is the only one that "feels" right.

We invited him to be baptized and he accepted and asked to be baptized three days from our meeting. I know that God never forgets about His children. He has never forgotten me, He never forgot Cory, and I know He will never forget you. Now if Heavenly Father never gives up on us, who are we to give up on anyone?

I'll write next week about Cory and Oliver's baptisms! Please pray for them!

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