Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The miracle of the missed appointment and unanswered questions

SAN DIEGO — Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by! I am almost halfway through another transfer! I hope Little Brooklyn had a Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun little birthday party for her.

Well, once again Heavenly Father has been showing me miracles. It is amazing how when you open your eyes and your mouth, the miracles that He can send your way. It reminds me of the scripture in Mormon- 
"And who shall say that Jesus Christ did not do many miracles? And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being?" (Mormon 9:18-19)

I know with all my heart that He has not ceased to do miracles. I want to share with you a couple excerpts from my journal that happened this week:

October 7, 2011
I saw so many miracles today! Both of our appointments fell through — that doesn't sound very much like a miracle, but indeed it was. We had a member with us, so we went to visit Brian Murray, a less active member. I hate apartment complexes so bad! I always get so lost and of course once again we found ourselves wandering aimlessly around the complexes trying to find a building that didn't seem to exist.
We were about to say a prayer when a young guy walked out of the complex. Our member recognized him from high school and so we were able to talk with him. His brother is a recent convert who he is living with and he agreed to come to church with us on Sunday!

On our way to visit a former investigator's home, we saw a lady walking her little granddaughter and stopped to talk to her. She expressed that she just moved in and was looking to attend a church. Heavenly Father knew our plans for the day, and He needed us to talk with these two people. Just coincidence? There is nothing in this world that can make me think that this was anything less than a miracle from God. He numbers His sheep. Even in a little town in San Diego, a woman taking her granddaughter for a walk and a young man on his way to a job interview matter to Him.

October 10, 2011
We were able to contact Pani, a former investigator that the elders found, and set up an appointment for today. Pani is from Iran, but her family moved to Ukraine, converted to Christianity and now lives in San Diego.

As we sat in her living room tonight, she couldn't stop asking questions. She had so many, all we could do was listen to her concerns as she kept asking and asking and asking, giving us no room to answer — "How can I feel the Spirit?" "Where am I going after this life?" "Does what I do here even matter?" "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

My heart ached so badly for her. I watched a 19-year-old woman voice her deepest concerns and desires for her life and she didn't have the answers. She didn't know she was a daughter of God. She didn't know that her Father listens to every prayer she says, and knows exactly the intents of her heart. She didn't know that she lived with her Heavenly Parents before coming to this earth and that she chose to follow the plan to help her become like and return to her Father in Heaven. She didn't know that Her Father made a way to restore His Gospel on the earth for her day in this time.

We, of course, couldn't teach her everything at once, but we did talk to her about the Holy Ghost. After the lesson, as I was saying the closing prayer, my heart longed so badly for her to recognize the Spirit. I prayed with as much faith as I could that she would recognize the feelings of the Spirit. After we got out to the car, I got a text from her that said three simple yet beautiful words: I feel amazing.

Family, I love you so much. There are so many miracles around us. Something I wish I would have done better before my mission is not being scared to open my mouth and talk to people. There are people longing to hear about this Gospel — And yes, there are even people in Utah and Idaho, too! Please open your mouths, talk to people! You don't have to share a formal testimony, but your light and your spirit will touch your hearts. I want to hear about your experiences, I promise you that if you act in faith they will come! I love you more than you even know!
Mom and Dad: HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY! I know it was on Sunday, but I forgot last week to wish you a happy day in advance. This is so bad, but I can't remember how many years you have been married? Are you on year 30 or are you passed that? Time goes way too fast! Also, I can't remember when Grandpa Newmans Birthday is? Is it like the 23rd or something?

Thanks for updating me on the goings on in football. It's so funny, we get a lot of visitors from Arizona and Utah who are huge BYU fans, so I get bits and pieces now and again. Sara told me Nick and Juli got moved into their apartment? Sounds fun! You will have to send pictures! Speaking of pictures, could you send some pictures of the family? I only have two — one of Sara and one of me and mom. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sis: (I'm going to write you a quick note here, because I don't think I will have time today to write you a handwritten letter, sorry!)

My missionary plaque scripture is 2 Nephi 22:2. What do you want yours to be? And I just have to say, I almost stood up and cheered when I heard you placed your first NG tube- THATS MY SISTER! You rock Sis! I know the tests are going to be one of your challenges in nursing school, but don't let that discourage you. Remember, Heavenly Father wants you to be there, you have and always will put in your best, and He will do the rest. Trust Him, He will not fail you, I promise!

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