Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Army crawling through San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Well, I made it a week in San Diego!!! I can't believe how fast the time is going already! Thank you for keeping me updated on everyone, I am so glad you are all doing well.

Mom, I can't believe you start school already, that is so crazy! I guess life just never seems to slow down! Are you empty-nesters now or is Sara back in town? How are my siblings? I haven't heard from them for a bit. Is Chris still doing school? When does Nick get to come home? How was Juli's trip? Is Hannah still working this summer? Thanks for letting me know about Brenton. I always knew he would be a rockin' missionary!

A little about me:
Things in San Diego are great. I got off the plane last week and got to spend the day at the mission home and then it was off to the Mormon Battalion.

My new companion's name is Sister Tardiff. She is from Boston. She is so great. We are both about the same size and everyone teases us that we look like we are 14. We serve with 22 other sisters — they are all so nice, it feels like a great big girls camp some days!

We live right next to the Battalion, so it is like 30-second walk: so nice! Our area is a place called Chula Vista — It is one of the more wealthier places in San Diego. I already love the people so much.

I got to the Mormon Battalion on Wednesday and there was no time to catch my breath. I took five tours my first day and by my third day, I started taking tours by myself. The Mormon Battalion is so inspiring — these 500 men and women who walked 2,000 miles from Iowa to San Diego all because of their faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to what their prophet asked them is so inspiring to me. If they could do the hard things they did, I know that I definitely can do anything Heavenly Father asks me to do.

You are probably wondering how being a visitor center sister works — despite what everyone says about visitor center sisters, we have the least time of anyone! It is okay though, Heavenly Father somehow stretches time for us. We work at the Mormon Battalion for half of the day and then the other half we proselyte in our area. Then one day a week we work on the temple grounds and street contact people.

My first day in the field, we had a lesson with Vernell, who is one of our progressing investigators. Sister Tardiff didn't waste time getting me started teaching. Part way through the lesson, she just stopped and looked at me waiting for me to say something. Honestly, I was so scared, but thankfully Heavenly Father gives us His spirit to guide us, and I was able to say what He needed me to say to her.

Then on Thursday, Sister Tardiff had us army climb under a fence so we could get into the trailer park and help a lady named Blanca paint her trailer home. She accepted a copy of The Book of Mormon and wants us to come back to teach her. It has been a bumpy week, full of ups and downs, but I am humbled and excited to be preaching the gospel!

I want you all to know how much Heavenly Father loves you. Don't forget who you are — you are sons and daughters of a King! You can do hard things! Be bold in representing Jesus Christ. Don't hold back — we are all missionaries, we all have a duty to share the gospel, even if it is through a helping hand, a kind word or a warm smile. Share that love with others and I promise you that you will have more joy than you can imagine.

Let me know how going to church with a question in mind helped you receive revelation!? IF you haven't already, it is never to late, Try for this Sunday! ( I haven't forgotten I challenged you to that, now its time to follow up! You an do it!)

Shout outs:
Mom and Dad: Thank you for the letters, especially the ones I got at the mission home. I really appreciate all the support you give me — THANK YOU! You are the greatest parents ever, I am so glad I have you. Mom, thanks for the bedding and the Starbursts and the notes and everything — you are so great.

Kim and Ray: Thanks for updating me on you and your family. I am so glad they are doing well. I hope Miki had a good time at Oakcrest. I know that was one of the places that really helped strengthen my testimony. Thank you for writing me, really I appreciate it so much. Love you all.

Sister: How the heck are you? Tell me how school went and all your fun summer plans!:) You are such an amazing sister, thank you for inspiring me to be a better person — you are awesome!

Oh and please if you have any questions, Just ask. Sometimes I don't realize what you might like to know.

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